Bambaragala Pathana

Travel Aug 11, 2022

Bambaragala Pathana is located in the Badulla District of the Uva Province in Sri lanka. is about 967 meters high. The Bambaragala Pathana is located at a distance of about 19 km from Ella town. Bambaragala Pathana is a great place for mountaineers and camping.

Bambaragala Pathana

How to Visit Bambaragala Pathana

  • If coming from Badulla, take the Passara, Moneragala, Ampara and Pitamaruwa buses to the 10th post (about Rs. 50). Take the Namunukula or Bandarawela buses from the 10th post (about Rs. 30). Get off at the club junction. There is also a Namunukula school nearby.
  • If coming from Bandarawela, take Passara buses and get off at the Club Junction. There is also a Namunukula school nearby.

Our experience of hiking Bambaragala Pathana

Bambaragala pathana exactly magical creation of the nature. We saw most adorable visuals since pathana. Stones and massive trees well protected top of the area. I couldn’t see any garbage there. That’s fabulous news for nature lovers. I hope every tourists give support for protect Bambaragala pathana.

Places to visit near to Bambaragala Pathana

There are so many beautiful attractive places to visit in near the Bambaragala Pathana,

  • Namunukula Mountain
  • Badulla
  • Ella
  • Devil’s Staircase
  • lanka Ella
  • Babarakanda Ella
  • Haputhale
  • Bandarawela

Hotels and Cottages to Stay near to Bambaragala Pathana

Special remarks before visit Bambaragala Pathana

  • Bikes and tall (4×4) vehicles can get you to the campground.
  • If you come in a car, you can park at the houses near the camping site.
  • There is a sign saying Car Parking. Charges a small fee.
  • If you come in a car, you have to walk about 100 m after the maximum distance it can go.
  • There is no river or spring nearby. Bring the required water. Water can be requested from the house where the vehicle is parked.


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