Crocheter Turn Dried Leaves Into Works Of Art

Creative & Inspiring Feb 13, 2024

When you appreciate art, you can find beauty in everything. Your creativity lets you do amazing things, and it’s the human mind’s power that makes wonders in the world. We’re discussing creativity because we want to share the story of a woman who’s made something incredibly beautiful using her creativity!

Susana Bauer is a skilled crocheter. She creates wonders with her hands, using dried leaves and delicate cotton threads. Her creations represent the delicate balance between fragility and strength. Talking about her art, she said,

Working with delicate leaves requires patience and a steady hand, but what matters most to me is the impact it has on the viewer, the ideas it inspires, and the emotions it evokes. Creating a piece involves collecting, sorting, and arranging leaves, followed by mounting and framing. Crochet, traditionally functional or decorative, becomes a means of expression for me, blurring the line between craft and fine art. Using fine hooks and needles, I push crochet to its limits, highlighting the delicate nature of leaves and exploring themes of human connections, nature’s beauty, and resilience.

Each leaf has its own character, and by dedicating time to these seemingly impermanent objects, my work becomes a tribute to nature and a reflection of ourselves. I don’t treat the leaves to preserve their fragility, but I take measures to protect them from decay, such as washing and drying them thoroughly. My leaf works are framed behind conservation glass to shield them from environmental influences, but it’s still advisable to avoid prolonged direct sunlight or high humidity.

Take a look at the images below and share your thoughts with us.

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#1. Navigation. (
#2. Trans-plant no 21. (
#3. Cube tree no.5. (
#4. Moon XXXII. (
#5. Everything that surrounds us. (
#6. For what binds us. (susanna_bauer)
#7. Reunion. (
#8. Path IV. (
#9. Union. (
#10. Lace II. (
#11. Ten circles. (susanna_bauer)
#12. Halves II. (
#13. Restoration V. (
#14. Repose. (
#15. Pull. (
#16. Three II. (
#17. Core. (
#18. Suspended. (
#19. Common thread. (
#20. Moon XXX. (
#21. Collection (Two by two). (
#22. Link. (susanna_bauer)
#23. Realignment. (Simon Cook)
#24. Web. (
#25. Flow. (
#26. Trans-Plant No. 19. (
#27. Restoration. (
#28. Patchwork. (
#29. Opening out. (susanna_bauer)
#30. Connect. (