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Travel Aug 10, 2022

Harithakanda is a scenic spot located between the butterfly sanctuary in the heart of Sri Lanka and the eastern part of the Mahaeliya plain. Based on such an ecosystem, Harithakanda can be described as “Little New Zealand” or “Green Mountain.” Harithakanda is a tourist destination that has recently attracted the attention of mountaineers and overnight campers.


How to Visit Harithakanda

To reach Harithakanda, one has to travel from Colombo to Hatton via Avissawella on the High Level Road or by train to Hatton via the Hatton-Balangoda road, the forest road that separates the Butterfly Reserve and the Maha Eliya Plain.

The town of Bogawantalawa is world famous for its tea industry. There are many sky-scraping peaks around this beautiful place with butterfly-like views. To reach Haritha Kanda from Baganwantalawa town past Bogawana Estate, you have to reach near Bopaththalawa National Livestock (NLDB) Farm.

Our experience of hiking Harithakanda

A huge forest area is marked in the middle of the map of Sri Lanka. It’s the butterfly sanctuary you know. Similarly, the eastern part is the square where there is no hotter. These two areas, which appear to be the same forest, have different conditions. Samanala Reserve is an area full of huge flora and biodiversity, while Horton Plains is an area full of different flora and weather pattern.

From Colombo you can reach Avissawella on High Level Road and then pass Karawanella Ginigathhena on Hatton Road to reach Hatton. Then you have to enter the forest road that separates the Butterfly Reserve from Horton on the Hatton to Balangoda road. There we have to go to Bogavantalawa town. Although the suburbs are quite crowded, there is only one tea tree in the rest of the environment. The central hills are famous for tea production and there is a great demand for Bogavantala tea.

This beautiful event located at Samanolagira is an area full of Kahelgamu Oya and other springs and streams. On the way, you can see many big peaks high up to the belt of cows grazing on the road, and seeing the laughter of the plantation workers surrounded by the innocent village smell and the gentleness of the Lalanas picking tea leaves, it was around 8 in the morning when we arrived at Bogavantala. Then we got off the bus near Bogwana Vatuya because it is difficult to get a bus on that small road.

Our destination was near the National Livestock Farm (NLDB) in an area called Bopatthalawa. Therefore, the standard way to reach the farm is the bus route near the farm through Diagama, Agarapatana. But our journey came through Bogavantala to see the beauty of the area and to climb another small hill before Harita Kanda. Here we cannot see the green mountain in any area around Bogavantala. Because it is located on the mountain range at the end of Bogwana Estate

We came across many streams and from time to time some events were difficult to recognize because of the fog that covered the distant mountains. We had to walk along the footpath behind the assistant manager’s bungalow at the end of the estate and re-enter a teahouse.

At first glance, climbing Green Mountain from the bottom to the top seems like an easy task, but it is a dangerous and slippery journey that takes about an hour. At some points you have to keep an incline of about 40 degrees between the mount and your body. Somehow everyone has to sit and rest in the grassy area at the foot of the green hill. Somehow everyone sat down and rested in the pasture at the base of Harita Kanda to begin the difficult climb.

There were low bushes growing all over the mountain and it was easy to climb the mountain. But we passed with a strong focus on vipers.

The area we came from Bogavantala was like a single white cloth. The entire area was covered in white mist. We saw the Horton Plateau and the Kirigalpotta and Agrabopat mountains, which are the second and fourth highest in Sri Lanka. When the mist was here and there, we could barely see the Ambewela Wind Pellet Machines, Mount Piduruthalagala, Mount Greatwestern, Mount Dell and the Udaradella, Elbedda Ranges and associated areas.

There are 3 campsites in Haritha Kanda. We prepared ours camp site campsite 3, in the safety area of the mountain. The view of there was amazing.

Harithakanda is famous for

  • Hiking & Camping
  • Nature Exploring
  • Photography
  • Sightseeing
  • Trekking
  • Weather

Best time to visit Harithakanda

It’s very difficult to hiking and camping in there in rainy seasons. So check the weather report of the Bogawanthalawa and visit there is the best for everyone.

Places to visit near to Harithakanda

There are so many beautiful attractive places to visit in near the Harithakanda,

  • Hortain plains
  • Maskeliya
  • Gartmore Falls
  • Hatton


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