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Travel Aug 08, 2022

Lanka Ella is a really lovely but lesser-known waterfall in Kalupahana, Sri Lanka. It is approximately 1 km from the well-known Bambarakanda waterfall. The waterfall is roughly 30 meters high.

At Kalupahana Junction, travelers on the major route between Badulla and Colombo must take the narrow lane on the left. After traveling approximately 4 kilometers along this route, you can see the Bambarakanda waterfall on the left. There is a modest parking lot where you can park your car. Following the foot trail into the jungle will lead you to the waterfall. This route leads to the Bambarakanda waterfall. After getting closer to the Bambarakanda waterfall, you must turn left and follow the trail towards the pine forests. There, you must travel around 1 km through a pine forest and a savanna. A glimpse of the upper beauty can be seen in the distance after walking 500 meters.

The waterfall is surrounded by mountain ranges and a beautiful region composed of grasslands and woodlands. The climate of the region is typically windy. And these mountains are sometimes shrouded in fog even during the day.

Lanka Ella was given this name because of the shape of its base pool. It is not difficult to detect the map of Sri Lanka in that pool if you pay closer attention.

This pool’s depth makes it unsuitable for swimming. This is a wonderful area for nature lovers to visit. However, it is your obligation to keep it uncontaminated.


Kalupahana – Ohiya Rd , Badulla District

Traveling time to Lanka Ella

1 hr 7 min (25.3 km) – Haputale town to Lanka Ella Waterfall

Best time to visit Lanka Ella

  • Visit Bambarakanda Falls : March to May
  • Hiking Season : April to September

Special remarks before visit Lanka Ella

  • not suitable for bathing.
  • Below the waterfall is a rock pool which is very deep.
  • can not travel by vehicle.
  • Several vehicles can be parked near the entrance to the waterfall path.
  • The path is well maintained.
  • You will need to purchase a ticket to enter.
  • This is also the place where you can reach Babarakanda Falls, another beautiful waterfall.

Places to visit near to Lanka Ella Waterfall

There are so many beautiful attractive places to visit in near the Lanka Ella,

  • Babarakanda Falls
  • Yahalathenna Falls
  • Devil’s Staircase
  • Wangedigala Mountain
  • Hortain Plains
  • Babaragala Pathana
  • Surathali Falls

Hotels and Cottages to Stay near to Lanka Ella Waterfall



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