Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall | Camping on Gerandigala Mountain

Travel Aug 23, 2022

Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall is the most talked about tourism attraction among Sri Lankans. The breathtaking waterfall is located in Kandy District’s Kalugala Village. This is not an individual waterfall. It is a collection of waterfalls. Cascades is made up of approximately seven waterfalls. The area offers more than just a location to gaze at waterfalls. It is an ideal location for camping, hiking, and trekking.

The waterfall is located in the Kandy district. Kalugala is the nearest settlement, and Udadumbara is the nearest town. Travelers beginning their journey in Kandy must travel 60 kilometers to reach this location. They must first visit the small settlement of Udadumbara. Then they must turn right towards Kalugala village. Those traveling from the east of Sri Lanka can reach Udadumbara through Mahiyangana. They can also see the Hasalaka Rathna Ella Waterfall while traveling.

The total height of all the waterfalls is 240–250 m. It can be second tallest waterfall, if the total height considered as for single waterfall. The massive cluster of waterfalls can be observed from Kandy-Mahiyangana Road (A26). Rainy seasons give new life to Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall and surrounding places. They are more beautiful and strong in the rainy seasons. You can go near all of these waterfalls without any risk.

The place is ideal for a hiker. You can go to the upper part of the Kalugala Gerandi Ella waterfall. The hike is moderately difficult. But you should be brave and finish the hike. Some parts are very narrow to cross at 60–80 degrees. But you will be very happy after you reach the top of Gerandigala Mountain. It contains a large, ground like surface.

Mountains and areas can see from the top of the Gerandi Ella waterfall

Dumbanagala, Yahangala, Kehelpothdoruwa, Galpadihela, Namunukula, Kokagala, Koboneelagala, Dothalugala, Nawanagala, Aliakotagala and Piduruthalagala are some popular peaks that you can observe from here. Further, you can observe areas like Udadumbara, Kalugala, Mahiyangana, Sorabora Wewa, Ulhitiya, Deanston Mini World End, and Kalugala Village.

How to visit Gerandi Ella

There is a one route to visit there. That is via Ududumbara- Kalugala Route. You can visit Ududumbara and go to kalugala and start hike from there.


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