Kabaragala Mountain

Travel Aug 23, 2022

Kabaragala is a mountain in the Dolosbage mountain range in Sri Lanka’s central province. It is the tallest mountain summit in this range, standing at 1506 meters. It has nearly flat topography near the top, similar to Horton Plains. There’s also a big fallout, much like the World End.

The best way to go to Kabaragala

From Kandy, take the Kandy Road past Peradeniya till you reach Gampola, then take the Gampola – Craighead Road to Dolosbage. The Kabaragala walk starts at Maryville Junction on the Nawalapitiya – Dolosbage.

When is the best time to visit Kabaragala?

The best time to visit is between January and April. In Kabaragala, expect pleasant temperatures and light to moderate rainfall between July and December. In Kabaragala, the highest average temperature is 30 °C in February and the lowest is 28 °C in August.

Hiking in Kabaragala

The journey takes you through a variety of scenery, including a mountain settlement and up a green savanna hill. To get to the mountain peak, you must first hike through a tea plantation. That Lush Green plantation appears to be quite cool. Then you must hike up the backside of the mountain on sloping rocks and stairs. After beginning the climb, you can reach the first viewpoint of Kabaragala in just 2 hours. From there, you may see spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valley.

That view is breathtaking and thrilling to witness. A walk across the little wooded area from the first viewpoint leads to the peak of Kabaragala. Leeches are the major issue for you when you arrive during the rainy season, so it is advised to wear a shoe that covers the legs. When you reach the top, the view is likewise spectacular, with adjacent mountains and fog for a long distance. The path is clear until the settlement and its savanna are reached, with the trees at the top of the hill clearly visible.


Camping at Kabaragala

Kabaragala is well known for adventure camping as well as being a wonderful area for hiking. If you want to go camping, remember to have the necessary camping equipment. At night, the weather might be difficult to deal with. As a result, you should dress weather-appropriately.

Places to visit near Kabaragala

  • Rassagala Kinihirikanda
  • Aberdeen Falls
  • kadiyalena Falls
  • Dolosbage
  • Ambuluwawa

Hotels to stay near kabaragala



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