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Travel Dec 10, 2022

One Tree Hill Viewpoint, also known as Katakithula Hills Viewpoint, is the most beautiful and scenic viewpoint in the Matale district of Sri Lanka. This viewpoint is not a famous one like the Kelebokka viewpoint or Hulangala viewpoint in the Matale district. But One Tree Hill Viewpoint is one of the best camping sites near Matale and Kandy, with a 360-degree scenic view.

One Tree Hill Viewpoint
Image Credit Goes to Iresh Udayanga Photography

How to visit One Tree Hill View point?

One tree hill viewpoint is located near the famous tourist attractions places called Sembuwatta & Kellebokka. This viewpoint area belongs to the Hunugala tea plantation. Estate management issues a 100 LKR ticket for this location. There are several roads that have to visit here:

If you are coming from Kandy, you should first come to Wattegama town. After that, you want to go to Elkaduwa town on Wattegama-Elkaduwa road. On that road, you can see another tourist attraction waterfall known as Hunnas Ella or Hunnasgiriya Ella. After reaching Elkaduwa town you have to go to Elkaduwa-Kandenuwara road. On this route, you can access another famous tourist attraction place called Sembuwatta Lake.

After 5Km ride, you can see the signboard on the left side to access the viewpoint. On that road, you have to go 500m to the vehicle parking point. That 500m part of the road is not a proper road, so you must care about that if you are coming from a car with low ground clearance.

If you have come from Matale, there are also another two ways to arrive at One Tree Hill Viewpoint. First road is Matale-Ukuwela-Elkaduwa road. The second one is Matale-Bandrapola-Kandenuwara road. The second road is the shortest road from Matale.

When you are coming from any of these routes, Scenic mountain views of both sides of this road give you next-level travel experience.

Ticket prices of One Tree Hill View point

Estate management issues a 100 LKR ticket per person to enter the viewpoint. When you visit the night camping, they issue a 500 LKR ticket per person.

Things to do in One Tree Hill View point

You can get different types of experiences like,

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Play area in here.

Camping experience in One Tree Hill View point

Camping in the One Tree Hill Viewpoint will definitely give you an amazing camping experience for you. The scenic 360-degree view of the location and ease to reach by vehicle are reasons for that taking hype to the location among travellers past several years.

Now there are small huts are in several places at the top of the mountain. But in the old days, there was only one huge hut edge of the mountain. Photographs of that period are attached to the gallery area.You have toilet and water facilities now in One Tree Hill Viewpoint. It will be a huge help to you get a better camping experience.

There are no any shop or supermarkets around the area. So you can buy all things that you need from Elkaduwa town before arriving.

In the upper side mountains, you can see Kelebokka 360 Viewpoint and below that, there is Sembuwatta Lake. In this location, you can see a wide range of views of the Matale valley. On one side we can see a clear view of the Riverston & Knuckles mountain range. Another side we can see Matale town and the Long range view of the Kandy area. Even futher Bahirawakanda Statue and Aluvihare statues are clearly visible from the top of the viewpoint. Both sunset and sunrise can be visible in this place. To get that an amazing experience you must visit here.

How to reserve One Tree Hill camping site

When you come here for the daytime for a one-day trip is no need to reserve or inform early before arriving there. But to reserve a night camping site, you can contact estate management by these contact numbers bellow;

Contact Numbers: 0663682458 | 0761625914 | 0773120121

Things to know before visit One Tree Hill View point

  • Parking areas and toilets facilities are provided
  • When you arrive from the car drive carefully on this road
  • Don’t bring polythenes to the location and don’t put polythenes or any kind of garbages in the area
  • There is a play area for children’s
  • Visiting on rainy days is not recommended

Frequently asked questions about One Tree Hill View point

What is the esiest route to One Tree Hill Viewpoint?

Matale > Bandarapola > Kandenuwara route from Matale
Kandy > Wattegama > Elkaduwa route from Kandy

What is the contact number of One Tree Hill Viewpoint?

Contact Numbers: 0663682458 | 0761625914 | 0773120121

Are there toilet and water facilities in One Tree Hill Viewpoint?

Yes. They provide both water and toilet facilities.

What are the other locations near the One Tree Hill Viewpoint?

Kellebokka 360 viewpoint
Sembuwatta lake
Hunnasfalls Waterfall


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