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Fishing Huts | Maskeliya-Sri Lanka

Travel Dec 05, 2022

The Fishing Huts is a pair of beautiful log cabins situated on the edge of the Mooray Estate, Maskeliya, Sri Lanka. bordering the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary. The cabins are built on the bank of Baththulu-Oya, Built by tea planters many years ago (during British times) as a Trout fishing location, this wonderful place is one of the best hideouts in Sri Lanka for the adventurous nature lovers.

How to get location

The fishing huts is located in near the Sadagalathanna Sripada trail start point. To get here you want to visit first in to Nallathanniya town and there is a road to Rajamale estate. In that road you can also visit to Mooray falls. After 8-10km km ride in that road you can easily come to Fishing Huts.

The road leading to the fishing huts is quite bad, and cars are not allowed to go there. A van, bike, or any 4×4 vehicle would suffice, but never travel in a large bus. If you arrive by car, you must leave it before entering the estate.

Waterfalls, Mausakelle Reservoir and Adam’s Peak make for stunning view in this road journey. Some view points are built on the side of the road to view this beautiful view.

Cabins and booking process

Now after long period of repairing process now you can book Fishing huts cabins for enjoy your vacation. Now prices rates and cabins are changed. So you want contact Estate management or head office for booking process.

Fishing Hut Contact Number



The Fishing Huts do not supply food and there is nowhere to purchase food; you must bring all the necessary ingredients and the cook will prepare whatever you desire. If you forget something, there is nowhere nearby to purchase it.

Fishing hut Weather and Bio Diversity

This place located in bordering the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary so weather is foggy and wet for the most of of the year. The temperature ranges between 10°C and 24°C. However you can check weather in there from here

Weather report

This zone has some of the highest levels of biodiversity in Sri Lanka. Aside from indigenous trees, butterflies, and leopards, amphibians and birds frequent the Fishing Huts. Because the majority of the amphibians are rare endemics, such as Polypedates eques and Philautus asankai, the area is popular among university students. Another endemic bird that people come to see and take pictures of is the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie.

Things to know before you visit Fishing Huts

  • The location is in near the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, so there can be wild animals like leopards in the jungle area. Be careful from that.
  • No shops and places to buy your essentials. So buy them from town before visit here.
  • Also this place in bank of Baththulu-Oya. You can bath in there but in heavy rainy days be careful the water flow will be increase suddenly.
  • When taking polythene on a trip, bring whatever you need. There should be no use of polythene, plastic, or paper in the area. Any leftover food or biological matter should be buried. Under no circumstances should cigarette filters be stored in the forest. The Grassland is prone to catching fire and causing wildfires. Don’t harm the vegetation along the path. No plants should be taken from the area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing Hut

How to get in to fishing Hut?

Hatton> Nallathanniya> Mooray Estate> Fishing Hut

What are the cabin rates in Fishing Hut?

Rates are now updated. Please contact estate management.

How to reserve cabin in Fishing Hut?

Contact the estate management to booking process.

What is fishing hut contact number?


Can I visit Fishing Hut by car?

The road leading to the fishing huts is quite bad, and cars are not allowed to go there.

What are the places near to Fishing huts?

Mooray Falls
Maussakale reservoir
Mohini Falls

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