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Travel Sep 22, 2022

In Sri Lanka’s hill country, ascending Sri Padaya | Adam’s Peak Mountain is a magnificent experience. You have the ability to ascend this mountain. It is a spectacular natural phenomenon that has been admired for generations. The cultural show and sunrise viewed from the summit were extraordinary. To reach this breathtaking location by daybreak, you must begin your ascent at midnight and continue throughout the night. Sri Lankans of all ages make an annual journey to Adam’s Peak Mountain, and they never tire of this incredible experience. Visitors to Sri Lanka acknowledge that it may be the most breathtaking sunrise view in Sri Lanka, if not all of Asia.

Where in Sri Pada Temple is Load Buddha’s “holy footprint” (Buddhist)
They mentioned the “footprint” of Shiva (Hinduism), Adam, or Saint Thomas (Christian)

Adam’s Peak has become a significant pilgrimage place for several faiths, resulting in large numbers of locals making the 5,000-stair climb to the peak at 2,243 meters (7,359 feet) over 5 kilometers

Before offseason no any person visits Sri Padaya. But now a day most of Tourist and Sri Lankan persons are climbing this mountain.

We can climb six ways to this Adam’s peak

1. Hatton, Nallathanni Road
2. Rathnapura, Palabaddala Road
3. Kuruvita, Eraththa Road
4. Daraniyagala, Udamaliboda Road 
5. Rajamale, Sadagalathanna Road
6. Dehankanda, Mukkuwaththa Road

Off-season, some roads are extremely dangerous. We can recommend Hatton, Nallathanni Road during the off-season period. Police, Army & Navy base also there.. If there any problem happens we can easily ‘get help.

Mainly Sri padaya  Sri Lankan peoples divide two seasons

01.Sri padaya Season (December Poya – May Poya)

season is fully crowded. Most of the people are Sri Lankan. This time, full facilities are also there, such as shops. You can stay at rest houses, most likely all are full.

At the top of the mountain, Sri Padaya/Adam’s Peak gates open. We can worship.

02.Sri padaya off season (May Poya to next day; December Poya to before day)

Off-Season time Normally, Sri Lankans do not visit Sripadaya. but a few of the youngest people are visiting. I recommend this time period better for tourists. You can stay in rest houses with any person during this period. All the shops and facilities are not available during this period. If you need anything before the climb up Adam’s Peak,  Definitely during this period, Sri padaya/ Adam’s Peak gates closed. You can’t worship. If you’re lucky, sometimes monks are there. They provide for the worship of Sri Padaya. You can feel the natural air and a lot of other things. This period of heavy rain is better to get ready and climb.

It’s very hard. It is good to start this journey at night or early in the morning. Visitors to Sri Lanka admit that it could be the most amazing sunrise view at this peak. In less than 6 hours, you can complete the full journey. (It depends on you, some times it’s 4 hours possible..)

Places near to visit in Sri Padaya

And so many beautiful places are there near to the Sripadaya


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