There Is A Cat Temple In Japan With Cute Cat Monks

Animals & Nature Nov 14, 2023

Japan, renowned for its scenic beauty and thriving economy, has gained additional fame with the introduction of its first-ever cat temple in Kyoto. Known as ‘Nyan Nyan Ji,’ translating to ‘Meow Meow Temple,’ this unique establishment features cats as the resident monks.

Established in 2016, the temple is currently home to seven feline monks, with Koyuki holding the esteemed position of head monk. Koyuki particularly enjoys engaging with the devotees who come to visit the sacred grounds. The brainchild behind this novel concept is Toru Kaya. Beyond its spiritual ambiance, the temple also boasts a souvenir shop and a cat-themed café offering feline-inspired cuisine.

#1. Welcome to the Meow Meow Temple. (hotokeYK)

#2. The cats now have their own temple. (nekojizo)

#3. Meet Koyuki, the head monk of the Meow Meow Temple. (nekojizo)

#4. An entire shrine dedicated to cats. (yunhomania)

5. Cats have always been revered, so why not build them a temple? (yunhomania)

#6. Cat priest having a small nap. (nekojizo)

#7. Come here so that I can bless you. (nekojizo)

#8. The cat version of goddess Durga. (hellochiwakey)

#9. Currently holding the title of the world’s first cat head monk. (nekojizo)

#10. Meditation mode is on. (nekojizo)

#11. No rule that prohibits a cat monk from yawning. (nekojizo)

#12. This cat monk has clearly worked on remaining calm. (pastlivesofthenearfuture)

#13. And then there are adorable cat priests. (hellochiwakey)

#14. In memory of the cat monks who have left this world. (osamutabuchi)

#15. They even got statues of cats to worship. (nosmama)

#16. Got my own special spot in front of the shrine. (nekojizo)

#17. Worship me human! (nekojizo)

#18. Do not disturb me while I pray. (nekojizo)

#19. I’m no ordinary cat, so please stop touching me. (nekojizo)

#20. All ready to pray. (nekojizo)

#21. These beads are giving me Brahmin vibes. (nekojizo)

#22. Being a cat monk is no easy task. You need to get some good rest too. (nekojizo)

#23. Featuring the devotees of the Meow Meow temple. (tripadvisor)

#24. This is what praying sessions look like in the cat temple. (yunhomania)

#25. Apparently, this is how cats pray. (yunhomania)

#26. Just the right place for a cat lover to be. (yunhomania)

#27. Enjoy some cat-themed food at the Meow Meow Temple cafe. (yunhomania)

#28. Now that looks scrumptious. (kstagram15)

#29. How adorable is this cat teapot? (tripadvisor)

#30. Feast your eyes on this mouthwatering spread before you. (hiratama_tsubuan)

When in Japan, don’t forget to check out the Meow Meow Temple!

Image Credit & More Info; Facebook Instagram

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