Pics Of Adorable Munchkin Kitten That Sleeps Like A Human

Animals & Nature Dec 17, 2023

Everybody knows cats act like little kings and queens and are super cute. They’re totally ruling the internet these days. Whenever you’re feeling down, checking out cute cat pics or funny cat videos can totally lift your mood. You’ll see stuff like cats freaking out over weird things like cucumbers or just being adorable while snoozing.

Looks like someone’s dreaming about tuna!

This is exactly what folks mean when they say, “sleeping like an angel.”

When it comes to snoozing, cats can get pretty quirky with their positions. Some snooze on their side, others curl up, but ever seen a cat that snoozes just like a human? Meet Chata, an orange and white calico munchkin cat. Chata catches z’s flat on his back with legs straight—a total human-like sleeper! This unique snooze style has grabbed loads of attention. Looks like this cat’s destined for stardom!

That one person who can doze off anywhere, anytime.

An earthquake wouldn’t even rouse me from sleep.

Chata, a two-and-a-half-month-old munchkin cat, resides in Japan with his human. People instantly adored this little furball when they saw pics of him snoozing, belly up with cute pink paws on display. That angelic smile on his face shows he’s dreaming sweet dreams, probably of a cozy bowl of milk and delicious tuna fish.

A physical manifestation of the word “cute”.

Older sisters are a blessing.

Seeing Chata’s adorable face probably makes it hard for anyone to even think about waking him up! This cute cat just hopped onto Instagram and already boasts a whopping 41K followers. Follow @chavata2023 for more of his pics! If you’ve got a cat that snoozes in a peculiar way, share those images with us—we’d love to see!

My heart can’t handle all this cuteness.

Practicing for a staring contest with my human.

Image Credit & More Info; chavata2023