This Stray Puppy Turned Out To Be A Rare Australian Alpine Dingo

Animals & Nature Nov 14, 2023

It’s nearly impossible to take a walk without coming across stray animals, especially if they’re adorable puppies in need. That’s exactly what happened with Wandi, a curious dog who unexpectedly appeared in the Australian town of Wandiligong. What makes him even more fascinating is that Wandi is a 100% rare Australian alpine dingo.

After hearing Wandi’s cries, a family found him in their backyard. The puppy, with fox-like features on his face, was incredibly cute. They quickly took him to the Alpine Animal Hospital for a DNA test to determine his breed. Dr. Rebekah Day, the vet, noticed marks on Wandi’s back, possibly from an eagle’s claws, suggesting he might have been carried by an eagle and dropped.

Luckily, the Australian Dingo Foundation learned about Wandi and decided to bring him to their sanctuary. This non-profit organization is committed to preserving wild canids. Wandi’s identification as an alpine dingo is a significant win for the foundation, considering there are three distinct types—alpine, desert, and tropical—all exclusive to Australia.

Wandi has grown into a playful companion.

Unfortunately, the alpine dingo is at risk of extinction due to habitat damage, hunting, and interbreeding. Domestic dog/dingo hybrids are replacing purebreds in some parts of Australia. Since arriving at the sanctuary, Wandi has grown, leading the foundation to provide him with a secure home. They also hope Wandi will play a crucial role in their breeding efforts. Meanwhile, the charity has set up a Wandi Instagram page for followers to keep up with his daily adventures.

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