Gorgeous Lynx Turns Heads As She Casually Struts Down Street

Animals & Nature Nov 08, 2023

The lynx, one of those cool wild cats, is part of the Felidae family, and you can find them in forests across Europe, Asia, and North America. These guys have long legs, big paws, furry ears, and fluffy feet. They also sport a nice tawny to beige coat with brown and black spots, a stylish black tail tip, and ear tufts.

When Allison Burton was chillin’ at her place, she spotted this furry critter sauntering down the street. At first, she thought it was a big dog, but then she realized, “Whoa, it’s a lynx!”

Allison got all excited and decided to snap some pics of this unique sighting. Surprisingly, the lynx didn’t freak out and just strolled along casually. Allison took a bunch of photos, but other folks on the street didn’t seem as amazed.

“It was just so cool, doing its own thing,” Burton said. It strutted its stuff for a bit and then went back to the wild, leaving everyone in awe.

So, to sum it up in Allison’s words, “I can’t believe this awesome kitty just walked by my house!”

Image Credit & More Info; Allison Burton | H/T; thedodo

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