Guy Photographed Baby Foxes Playing On His Grandma’s Porch

Animals & Nature Nov 09, 2023

The majority of the tales we have been told portray foxes as crafty and vicious creatures. Since they are the ones that devise all wicked schemes, most of us hated foxes when we were little.

But foxes turn out to be among of the best animals ever, even in spite of these fantastical stories. If you ever get the chance to see and hold them, you will fall in love with them right away since they are so sweet and lovely.

We got to know a US grandmother from Illinois who had recently had some baby foxes visit her. Considering how common red foxes are in the area, grandmother was not overly shocked by this visit. These stunning photos were shot when they were running around on her porch.

Image Credit & More Info: Vechrotex

Her grandson, Vechrotex, posted these on Reddit shortly after, and they quickly gained popularity. These furballs captured the hearts of many, who were unable to stop ogling them for their adorable appearance.

Speaking with us, the grandson shared that his grandmother gets to see these lovely friends frequently and that she also makes it a point to see how they are doing.

In Illinois, red foxes can be found in wooded regions; they are common and not very concerning. My grandmother snapped a photo of a baby red fox that she spotted one day. I chose to upload the picture she provided with me since I found it to be so adorable. I’m thrilled that I could provide happiness to so many individuals! More often than not, the mother stops by. When her babies are on the porch, she always comes closer.

These infants depend on their mothers’ milk despite their tiny appearance. But they appear to be so energetic, and a few people also talked about their personal encounters with young fox cubs.

“One of our neighbours had a small pet door in their back door,” a commenter said. After letting itself in and devouring all of the cat’s food, a fox cub curled up in the gap between the wall and the refrigerator to sleep. The mother fox was hesitant to try opening the pet door or was unable to fit through it in order to get her youngster back. In order to allow mama and the cub to be reunited, the neighbours closed all of the inside doors to the kitchen and left the backdoor open.

And any tales you might share regarding fox cubs? We’re eager to hear from them!