Father is a Scoundrel: A cat with a strange look was talked about on Twitter (6 photos)

Animals & Nature Nov 02, 2023

People on Twitter came across a cat that looked very strange. It turned out that the cat’s mother is a sphinx and its father is a rogue in the yard!

A thoroughbred cat and a regular yard cat fell in love and had a cat called Timothy. There was a fluffy tramp who met the bald love of his life and had kittens with her.

Photo credit goes to respective owner

A kitten named Timofey turned out to be one of them. Like his father, he is soft, but not all the way. He has hair on his stomach, but his back is bald like his mother’s.

Photo credit goes to respective owner

There is a cute Chihuahua dog that Timofey plays with.

Photo credit goes to respective owner

They eat, sleep, and even go for walks together sometimes.

Besides the odd wool, Timothy also has another trait. His face shows a lot of sadness. It looks like the cat has been through a lot of hard things.

People are laughing at a strange cat on Twitter!