Celebrity icon Marilyn Monroe Photographed by Sam Shaw in New York in 1957

Vintage Wonders Nov 03, 2023

Sam Shaw, an American photographer and filmmaker, whose life spanned from 1912 to 1999, first crossed paths with Marilyn Monroe during his assignment as a photographer on the set of “Viva Zapata” in the early 1950s. This encounter marked the beginning of a deep and enduring friendship between them.

Marilyn was effusive in her praise of Sam, often declaring, “He’s the one who consistently captures my best angles!” In contrast, Sam’s aim was to unveil the authentic persona of this enchanting woman. He aimed to reveal Marilyn in her natural element—capturing her while at work, away from the spotlight, reveling in joyous moments, and, most frequently, in her solitude.

These pictures were taken on the busy streets of New York over the course of three days, with Marilyn’s husband Arthur Miller there. To think that these pictures were taken just one month after Marilyn had a terrible loss is truly heartbreaking. Still, she gives off an air of youth, energy, hope, and love in every picture. Miller’s tender and loving actions during these times show how much comfort and peace he gave her during this difficult time.

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