Firefighter Saves Old Woman from Flooding; Picture Goes Viral on the Internet

Creative & Inspiring Nov 02, 2023

There are a lot of great and interesting pictures on the internet these days that are going viral and being seen all over the world.

People were very happy when they saw this picture on social networks. A brave and kind firefighter held an old woman in his arms during a flood. A photographer who came to take pictures of the scene caught this fun and beautiful moment. The picture became a sign of unity and selflessness. The people who lived in Alberta, Canada, needed help during the floods. They were in need of help, so someone called a relief team.

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When the team got to the flood scene, Shawn saw the old woman whose boots were soaked and making it impossible for her to walk through the mud.
For helping the old lady, fireman Shawn Wiebe became a celebrity, and this picture of him saving her and holding her went viral online.
People on the Internet loved the firefighter’s beautiful smile.

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The woman didn’t think the young man could carry her when he took her in his arms. Wiebe smiled, though, and said he was strong enough to not hurt her.
On that day, the firemen did a great job and saved many lives.

Photo credit goes to respective owner

At this point, the picture of Wiebe and the old woman was already all over the internet, but the fireman had no idea about it.
He found out about this later, but he still smiles when he thinks about those times.