Arangala Mountain Peak

Travel Aug 31, 2022

Arangala Mountain in the Naula Divisional Secretariat Division is another rugged mountain range associated with this historical context. The Matale District is a land of many golden Sri Lankan historical sources buried beneath centuries of history. This beautiful region, surrounded by majestic mountain ranges that kiss the sky and nourish the country year-round, reveals to the world the many hidden glories of the past.

Arangala is a popular hiking destination located in Naula on the Kandy – Jaffna Highway. The mountain was named Arangala because of its resemblance to earrings, or ‘arungal’. This mountain is also commonly known as “Nalanda rock” due to its proximity to the Nalanda village. This mountain has historical significance because Weera Keppetipola and Gongale Godale Banda formed their troops here. There are three peaks in the Arangala, the tallest of which is approximately 750 meters tall.

The Arangala mountain range is surrounded by a preserved dense forest, and the path passes through a dry zone. Nonetheless, there may be strong winds/breezes throughout the hike and on the summit, which could cause severe dehydration.

The Arangala Mountain is 28 kilometers away from Matale and can be reached by traveling along the Kandy – Jaffna Highway and you can see it near the passing nalanda until naula.

The trek to the summit of Arangala takes approximately three hours. On the southern slope of the mountain lies a pagoda that has been damaged by visitors. There are clear views of Matale, Bowatenna reservoir, and Nalanda reservoir from this vantage point. From another summit of Arangala, one can see in all directions. From the summit, you can view the enchanting landscapes of Matale, Dambulla, Kandy, Wiltshire, Etipola, Brandy rock, Ambokka, the entire Knuckles mountain range with Reverston peak, Karagahatenna mountain peak, Bowatenna reservoir, Nalanda reservoir, Dolukanda Mountain, Galgamuwa peaks, Galgiriyawa, Hakwetuna Oya, Ibbagamu

How to visit Arangala

You can visit arangala mountain in from Naula-Arangala

Special remarks before visit Arangala

  • Avoid over case condition
  • Better to get some guidance from the villagers or take a local guide
  • Beware of the wild animals
  • Take at least 2ltr water per person and snacks.
  • Start early morning

Other places to visit near the Arangala Mountain

  • Nalanda Gedige
  • Bowathanna Reservoir
  • Dambulla temple
  • Sigiriya
  • Moragahakanda
  • Aluvihare

Hotels to stay near the Arangala Mountain


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