After saving a sable from being someone’s coat, a woman decides to keep her because she’s not wild enough to live on her own

Animals & Nature Nov 07, 2023

When Zhenya saw a picture of a wild sable online for the first time, she was blown away by how beautiful it was. She became more interested in the world of sables after being initially interested in them. This kind of fur, called “smooth fur,” comes from these animals and is some of the most expensive in the world. The coats can be any color from brown to black.

In Russia, the need for sable fur has been growing, and about 70 farms are now killing these animals to get their fur for making clothing and towels. Soon, Zhenya found out that the sable she had seen online was also going to die this way. The poor animal was going to be cruelly killed for its fur, just so someone else could make money.

Without any second thoughts, Zhenya decided to do whatever she could to save these animals. When she did more study, she found out that she could buy the sable from the fur farm, which is exactly what she did.

Through Zhenya’s help, the sable was saved from a terrible death that was almost certain to happen. “She would have perished there, so I made the choice to save this little one,” Zhenya said. She and her sable friend now live together peacefully.

For Umora, the sable, however, making a connection with her at first was hard because she had grown up on a fur farm and seen many upsetting deaths that left her mentally scarred and unstable.

Umora is a very smart creature that is always on the move. She has a naughty and fun personality and likes to steal things. Zhenya stresses how hard it is to take care of a sable as a pet. “One must endure a considerable journey before achieving true comfort in living with them,” she talked about.

It takes years for a sable to fully adapt and become friendly with a new place, so it’s very important to be patient and give it time. As for Zhenya, all of her hard work and commitment have finally paid off because she and Umora have formed a deep and meaningful bond. Seeing pictures of this powerful pair will make your heart melt.

Image Credit & More Info; russian_sable/Instagram