A Man Posts A Funny Picture Of His “Lost” Cat That He Couldn’t Find

Animals & Nature Nov 07, 2023

A bad mood caused by the economic crisis and raging wars between countries is making a lot of people suffer. Even places of work are pretty stressful, and people are just about managing to stay alive. The cat in today’s story shows us how important it is to hold on to our lives, which is just what we need to see to feel better.

Someone on Reddit named Rick1771 posted some funny pictures of his cat Biter, who he thought had disappeared. The person soon saw the lost cat hanging from a tree as if she were doing pull-ups there. The picture went viral right away and got 115k votes of approval. This happened during the 2020 isolation time.

Most pets were happy that their owners were home and could spend more time with them, but this cat looked like she was tired of being stuck inside with her owner. Biter chose to climb a tree instead so that he could be alone sometime. Things did not go as planned, though, from what I can tell. The cat finished the story by hanging on to a branch in a very dramatic way.

“She fell (very gracefully) right after that, but don’t worry—she’s fine,” her owner told her. Thank goodness the cat wasn’t hurt, which proves that cats really do have nine lives. Unfortunately, Biter doesn’t seem too excited about going home, but we are glad she is safe and sound.

Many Redditors talked about what happened. Some of the funniest comments were, “So it didn’t turn out as a cat/astrophe” and “Day 7 of quarantine: Cat: I can’t take it anymore, the humans won’t leave my house.” “Okay, I’ll go.”

Image Credit & More Info; Rick1771