Dog Surprises Owner By Comforting The Orphaned Fawns She Rescued

Animals & Nature Nov 07, 2023

The first word that comes to mind when you think of a German shepherd dog is guardian. Sarge, the German shepherd, has shown that dogs are more than just that, though. Sarge’s owner saves animals, which has shown how much he cares about them.

This dog has shown how much he cares about fawns that are lost or hurt. The first time a fawn was brought into the house, Sarge took care of and watched over the powerless animal. Sarge, a German shepherd, lives on a small farm in Ohio. It turns out that he plays with other animals besides fawns.

There is a rooster, a hen, a goat, a horse, a pony, sheep, rock doves, and other dogs on the farm. Nine years ago, Sarge was brought to the farm. The owner, Cheryl Stephen, posts pictures of Sarge playing with fawns on her Instagram account. Here are some of those pictures. I hope you enjoy these sweet pictures!

Who said a dog and a fawn can’t be friends?

We’re perfect for each other.

Friends eat together.

You should not mess with this fawn because she has her own protection.

Running for miles means you need to drink some water.

Taking selfies with my brown best friend.

When life keeps giving you trouble.

I went outside with my best friend to get some fresh air.

Is that really you in the picture?

Once you and a friend have a fight and are then asked to take a picture together.

Don’t you think our tails are so cute?

It was clear that no one was paying attention.

Meeting up with a friend of mine who is a fawn.

While the fawns were taking a shot, I joined them.

A friendship that is so lovely it makes your heart happy.

I promise to give these fawns my life to protect them.

Sarge has a big brother named Bucky.

Besides my loved person, there’s Bucky.

The friends hang out in their barn.

Image Credit & More Info; buckys_porch/Instagram | buckysporch/Tiktok