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Willmount Cabins-Best cabin to stay in Nuwara Eliya

Travel Sep 01, 2022

The Willmount Cabins are situated in a serene and peaceful location in Shanthipura village, away from the noisy crowds. Shanthipura is the highest village in the north-east of Sri Lanka and is accessible from the Nuwara Eliya–Kandy road. Located at the bottom of a hill, this little village gives a panoramic view of the distant blue hills and the lake next to the valley, gradually going up a slope with the green tea bushes. So you can get a very scenic view of the Nuwara Eliya area from the cabin.

Willmount Cabins

There are 2 cabins in here, and a maximum of 4 people are allowed to stay in each cabin. You can get an entire cabin in every package they have. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a lobby, a balcony, and a hanging net balcony in the cabin.

Willmount Cabin rates

Cabin Only Packages

  • 2 people = 14000 LKR per night.
  • 3 people = 17000 LKR per night.
  • 4 people = 20000 LKR per night.

No meals are included in any of these packages, but there are ingredients and equipment to make tea and coffee in the cabin. You can get meals from outside restaurants delivered to the cabin.

Bed & Breakfast Packages

  • 2 people = 15750 LKR per night.
  • 3 people = 19500 LKR per night.
  • 4 people = 23500 LKR per night.

(Packages & Rates are updated to 2023 January )

In house rules for the guests at Willmount Cabins

  1. Strictly no shoes or slippers allowed inside the cabin. 
  2. Maximum of only 4 people are allowed to stay in a cabin. 
  3. Smoking inside the cabin is strictly prohibited. 
  4. Maximum of only 2 persons are allowed to stay in the hammock (1 person each side) 
  5. Cooking inside the cabin is not allowed except for making tea. 
  6. No fire or any kind of flames allowed inside the cabin. 
  7. Any damage done to the property or provided things, the damage must be paid. 
  8. Please don’t take the quilt out of it’s cover. 
  9. Make sure to wash the plates and cutlery after use. 

Guests are kindly requested to follow the above cabin rules. 

Special note to all the guests checking in to Willmount Cabins

  • Distance from Nuwara Eliya town to the cabin is 3.5 KM
  • The road is narrow in the last 200m but it’s possible for any vehicle to reach there. 
  • Guests have to walk 150M from the car park to the cabin. 

Cancelation policy

A booking can be canceled free of charge 14 days prior to the booked date only.

Bookings made for less than 14 days gap can be canceled free of charge 7 days prior to the booked date only. No free cancelations given for less than 7 days gap. 

Please note that there will be no refund given for cancelations which are out of our cancelation policy. 

How to visit Willmount Cabins

When you arrive in to the Nuwara Eliya Town you can easily get Tuk and arrive to Willmount Cabins. ( 700 LKR for Tuk Tuk)

Contact details of Willmount cabins

Contact Number



No; 01, New Colony, Shanthipura, 22200 Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Facebook Page




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