Seethawaka Odyssey | Colombo Fort to Avissawella Train

Travel Jan 17, 2023

The ‘Seethawaka Odyssey’, a weekend special tourist train service will commence operations from January 15 to boost the tourism industry in Seethawakapura. The ‘Seethawaka Odyssey’ will operate from Fort, Colombo to the Waga Railway Station and will make stops at a number of attractions along the route.

Seethawaka Odyssey

Thus, while traveling from Colombo to Waga railway station by S12 luxury train. From there, tourists are transported to visit these tourist spots through a combined bus service.

Seethawaka Odyssey Time Table

Start StationColombo fort
Arrival to Colombo fort07:15 am
Departure Time07:15 am
Arrival to Waga09:07 am
End StationAvissawella
Arrival to Avissawella09:35 am
Departure From Avissawella17:35 pm
Arrival to Waga18:07 pm
Arrival to Colombo Fort19:59 pm
Train TypeS12
Train NameSeethawaka Odyssey
Run bySunday
Available Classes1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class

Seethawaka Odyssey Ticket Prices

There are first, second and third class seats can reserve in Seethawaka Odyssey train.

1st class: Rs.500

2nd class: Rs.300

3rd class: Rs.200

How to reserve tickets for Seethawaka Odyssey

To reserve tickets for the Seethawaka Odyssey train, you will need to contact the Sri Lanka Railways. You can do this by visiting their website, calling their customer service number, or visiting a Sri Lanka Railways ticket office near you in person.

For Online reservations :

Colombo Fort railway station:

Places can visit Seethawaka Odyssey train

Passengers will be able to witness a number of waterfalls including the Ranmudu Ella, Kumari Ella, and Goraka Ella, as well as a number of other tourist attractions including the Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanic Gardens.


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