Penguins Accidentally Took Selfie After They Found a Cam In Antarctica

Animals & Nature Dec 06, 2023

Antarctica, the icy wonderland, keeps revealing its secrets with every gutsy adventure. Eddie Gault, a gutsy Aussie, recently went on an icy trip armed with his camera. Little did he reckon that his camera would capture a hilarious moment – penguins accidentally taking selfies!

Gault’s mission was the Auster Rookery, home to those impressive Emperor penguins, the biggest penguins around standing tall at an average of 45 inches. These tough birds are pros at surviving in Antarctica’s brutal weather, sticking together in tight communities.

During his trek, Gault set up his camera near the penguin gang to snap their daily lives. But, in a twist of fate, a nosy penguin strolled over, knocking the camera and setting off a surprise selfie session with its buddies.

Photo credit goes to respective owner

Emperor penguins, known for their toughness, can live up to two decades. They do their family thing during the chilly Antarctic winter, with moms laying eggs and dads stepping up as dedicated caretakers.

If you’re fascinated by these quirky birds, there’s a goldmine of Auster Rookery footage waiting for you online. Dive into the world of Emperor penguins as they tackle life in one of the most remote and incredible spots on our planet.