Kohaku’s Toy Gecko Always Brings Joy to His Face

Animals & Nature Oct 30, 2023

In these challenging times, when we all could use a little extra cheering up, we’ve got some delightful images to lift your spirits. Our star of the show? It’s none other than Kohaku, the gecko from Japan, who shot to fame in 2017 for his heartwarming reaction to receiving a toy gecko.

This tiny toy looks just like a mini Kohaku, and it’s unclear whether our little gecko buddy thought it was real. But the important thing is, they became the best of friends, capturing the hearts of people all around the world as their charming antics went viral. These inseparable pals adore snuggling and having a blast together.

Image Credit & More Info; kohaku

What’s truly fascinating is that, even though Kohaku’s newfound companion is a plastic toy, he treats it like it’s the real deal. With almost 37.5K Instagram followers, Kohaku became a sensation after YouTuber Taylor shared pictures of him with his loyal sidekick, Chinmari, whom they acquired from a Japanese vending machine.

Why Chinmari, you ask? Well, it turns out leopard geckos can be a bit territorial, and mixing different genders can lead to some trouble. That’s why Chinmari is the perfect choice to be Kohaku’s closest friend, ensuring he enjoys a safe and joyful life.

These two geckos have gathered fans from all corners of the globe and are reveling in their newfound stardom. Kohaku has become quite the pro at striking various poses, from flashing grins to sticking out his tongue and even winking at his adoring supporters. Leopard geckos, in general, come in a stunning array of patterns, colors, and sizes, making them fantastic companions.

And here’s a quirky tidbit: these geckos have some special skills, like making sounds and using their tongues to clean their eyes. While some might humorously refer to Kohaku as a mini-dinosaur, there’s no denying that one glance at this gecko and his toy pal will bring a smile to your face and brighten your mood.

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