Homeless Puppy Interrupst Photo Session And Takes Center Stage

Animals & Nature Nov 09, 2023

So, there’s this awesome girl named Olivia Nez Zaragoza who was just trying to make her quinceañera unforgettable. You know what she did? She decided to have a photoshoot for the occasion. But guess what happened? A surprise guest stole the show!

During the shoot in Plaza de La Viga in Cuba, a homeless pup showed up out of nowhere. Can you believe it? This furry friend had no idea about Olivia’s big day but wanted in on the action. Olivia, being the sweetheart she is, welcomed the pup with open arms. The pictures show her looking at the doggo like it’s the most precious thing in the world.

Nester Nez, the photographer, was the lucky one capturing this magical moment. He had to deal with sun, schedules, and then this adorable doggo trying to steal the spotlight. The stray pup just casually leaned on Olivia’s gown, making the photos even more special.

Nester said the pup was “nice and photogenic,” and I mean, who wouldn’t want a photogenic pup in their quinceañera pics? The internet went crazy over these photos, calling them “Los quince de Firulais.” Classic internet, right?

Even though Nester couldn’t adopt the pup himself (already had a few fur babies at home), he encouraged everyone to adopt strays. And you know what? He’s right. Stray pups deserve loving homes too.

So, here’s to Olivia, the unexpected quinceañera star, and the photogenic pup who crashed the party and stole our hearts.

Image Credit & More Info; Olivia Nez Zaragoza

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