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How often does this happen: a man is found dead in the street? These folks are sometimes referred to as drunks or vagabonds. Nobody is interested in them. As a result, they are stepped over or avoided. In this regard, children are more empathetic. A senior citizen was resting in the mud. Yana, a 10-year-old girl, approached him and asked him what was wrong.

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She inquired about the man’s well-being. However, the schoolgirl received an incoherent response. Jana dashed home and told her father about what she had witnessed on the street. When the girl’s father realized the man was ill, he summoned an ambulance. Jana and her father afterwards realized that the grandfather had suffered a stroke.

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Furthermore, he couldn’t recall anything. They discovered, with the help of the police, that the older man had recently left his home and was missing. His relatives had already lined up against the wall, looking for his grandfather.

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Nikolai’s memory returned to him a few days later. He remembered not just his family but also the young lady who had come to assist him. He then arrived at Jana’s house with sweets, fruit, and a heartfelt thank you. According to the schoolgirl’s parents, she learned to care for others in need at a young age.

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