Dog Befriended The Butterflies In His Owner’s Garden

Animals & Nature Nov 15, 2023

Milo, the retriever, is owned by Jen Bennett, a Los Angeles, California resident. Among Jen’s hobbies is the cultivation of monarch butterflies in her garden. She observed a strong and endearing connection between her Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever and the butterflies that frequent her garden. Subsequently, Jen commenced capturing captivating photographs showcasing Milo’s interactions with these colorful creatures. It was not long before Milo gained widespread popularity on Instagram.

Evidently, the canine displays remarkable gentleness towards the butterflies, diligently inspecting them each morning. Jen made the decision to acquire Milo two years ago as a response to the departure of her previous Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever. Notably, there is a familial connection between the two dogs, as Milo’s grandfather is the father of Jen’s previous dog. Jen’s immediate attraction to Milo stemmed from his status as the smallest and most intelligent pup among his litter.

Jen has a deep fondness for monarch butterflies and decided to cultivate them upon recognizing a significant decline in their population. Following their transformation from caterpillars, she releases the butterflies into the environment. Notably, two years ago, there was a substantial butterfly migration in the vicinity, leading to Jen’s garden being teeming with millions of these winged creatures. She vividly describes the scene, stating, “There were thousands. Driving down the street, one couldn’t avoid inadvertently encountering a butterfly.”

It was evident that Milo held a fascination for these creatures. The gentle giant would frequently sit and gaze at the beautiful butterflies that graced the garden. Milo not only enjoys sniffing the butterflies but also exhibits a keen interest in observing them. Inspired by his curiosity and affection for these colorful beauties, Jen conceived the idea of capturing images and sharing them on Instagram.

People swiftly developed an affection for the endearing bond between the dog and the butterflies, leading to a rapid increase in Milo’s followers on Instagram within a short timeframe.

The dog possesses a natural flair for posing, making it effortless for Jen to capture striking photographs. Milo particularly enjoys posing alongside the caterpillars before their transformation into butterflies. To enhance the aesthetic appeal of the images, Jen incorporates playful accessories like flower crowns, contributing to the overall beauty of the photographs.

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