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Chariot Path of King Ravana, Pussallawa – Sri Lanka

Travel Nov 23, 2022

Chariot Path of King Ravana is a plain grassland that resembles a path. It is near the Frotoft Tea Estate in Pussallawa, Kandy District, Central Province, Sri Lanka. It is on top of a mountain range and surrounded by a pygmy forest.

Camping in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka is always a relaxing experience. Always, nature has a calming effect on the mind. In Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands, there are numerous camping opportunities. This Unpopular Hidden Location Is Ideal for Camping and Relaxing Away From Modern Distractions.

How to get to Chariot Path

If you begin in Colombo, you can reach Gampola by train or bus. Rail travel is significantly more convenient. By train, Gampola is easily accessible.

Take a bus to Pussallawa village after arriving at Gampola. From there, car rental is required to reach the Frotofot estate. The road conditions are poor, so be sure to rent a vehicle that can handle a bumpy ride. You may also take the bus to Frotofot State, though service is inconsistent and infrequent. Therefore, car rental is considerably more convenient. You must first locate the former hospital of the Frotofot state and the Trailhead Start there.

This path will lead you to the heart of the savage jungle. When we entered the bush, there was a light mist and the sun was peeking through the clouds. The scene was eerie due to the mist and stray sunlight shining through the wild plants.

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Best time to visit the Chariot Path

The Chariot Path is drenched for the majority of the year. From October to January, heavy monsoon rainfall occurs. February through April are the best months to visit the Chariot Path. Between these months, the majority of days are sunny and there is minimal precipitation.

Special Note:

Tourists will not be allowed to travel in the Chariot Path  until the environment returns to normal due to the misbehavior of tourists.

Chariot Path Weather

The weather is foggy and wet for the most of of the year. The temperature ranges between 10°C and 24°C. However, grassland conditions can change significantly within hours, so be prepared for strong winds, rain, and mist. During certain times of the year, the mist is so dense that you can’t see anything.

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Chariot Path Camping

You will need to use proper camping and trekking equipment. Bring a strong tent that can withstand wind and rain. It is also possible to construct a campfire on the site. If there is no rain, you might be able to find some dry wood in the area. You cannot, however, be certain of the weather conditions. Bring a gas cooker or stove if you want to cook. However, I recommend that you stick to quick meals or canned foods because they are much easier and more reliable.

Things to know before you go Chariot Path

The journey is approximately 10 kilometers long and will take two days to complete. This location cannot be visited and returned to on the same day. As a result, you’ll need to budget for one night in the forest.

Prepare for the cold weather. There are also wind conditions at night. Bring a sweater or hat to protect yourself from the sun as well. Wear a long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt in addition. Wearing long sleeves will protect you from cuts and scratches caused by the spiky grass as you pass through grasslands.

The excursion requires a water bottle, and water can be found near the camping location. As a result, you don’t need to bring water when cooking. Taking fast food places, as previously stated, is significantly easier.

When taking polythene on a trip, bring whatever you need. There should be no use of polythene, plastic, or paper in the area. Any leftover food or biological matter should be buried. Under no circumstances should cigarette filters be stored in the forest. The Grassland is prone to catching fire and causing wildfires. Don’t harm the vegetation along the path. No plants should be taken from the area.

Special Note:

Tourists will not be allowed to travel in the Chariot Path  until the environment returns to normal due to the misbehavior of tourists.


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