A Scuba Diver Meets A Seven-Meter-Long Anaconda Face To Face.

Animals & Nature Oct 26, 2023

Imagine you’re down there underwater, taking it easy, when out of the blue, a massive anaconda shows up. Most of us would make a run for it in the blink of an eye, right? But not Bartolomeo Bove. He’s not your everyday person who gets the jitters at the sight of the world’s biggest snake. No way, this guy’s a pro shark diver and an expert at filming underwater. And he had the guts to travel halfway across the globe for a swim with a green anaconda.

Image/Video Credit & More Info; bartolomeobove/Instagram | facebook | youtube

Now, green anacondas are serious predators, usually found in the swamps, marshes, and murky streams of South America. But the Formoso River in Brazil is a game-changer, with its crystal-clear water that lets folks dive with these anacondas. Bove and his dive buddy, Juca Ygarape, lucked out when they stumbled upon one of these incredible snakes just hanging out in the water. According to the source, “the anaconda in the video is a whopping 23 feet long and weighs around 200 pounds.”

This massive, non-venomous anaconda seemed to be having a grand old time and couldn’t care less about the guys swimming nearby. It even gave their camera a once-over before calmly swimming away. “The anaconda swims peacefully and serenely, completely unfazed by our presence,” Bove explained. “At times, it even came closer, curiously inspecting my camera and even giving it a little lick.” This whole encounter basically turns the idea that anacondas are aggressive and dangerous creatures on its head.

But let’s not get it twisted: anacondas are no pushovers. You’ve got to be cautious and show them some respect. These fascinating creatures chow down on all sorts of prey, from wild pigs and birds to capybaras, jaguars, and turtles. Their colossal size comes from their eating habits. The green anaconda deftly wraps its massive body around its prey, gives it a good squeeze, and makes sure it’s good and drowned before gobbling it up whole. Believe me, they’re some seriously formidable predators.

Bove is pretty sure that the video he shot will change how the world sees green anacondas. “It was an unreal experience,” he said. “There just aren’t words to describe how I felt during that encounter.”

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