A man caught his chicken taking care of three abandoned kittens

Animals & Nature Nov 01, 2023

You know, being a parent doesn’t always mean giving birth. It can also mean caring for someone like a real mom or dad would. And guess what? This doesn’t just apply to us humans. Even in the animal kingdom, you can find some heartwarming examples of this.

Let me take you to Iraq, where a Kurdish farmer and soldier named Goran Surchi stumbled upon something pretty unusual in his chicken coop. He found three kittens who had lost their mom and were all alone. But here’s the twist: a chicken took them under her wing, or well, under her feathers, and became their surrogate mom. She made sure these little furballs got all the love and care they needed.

Image Credit & More Info; Goran A Surchi/Instagram | Tiktok

So, picture this: Goran hears some meowing coming from the chicken coop and rushes over, worried that his chickens might be in trouble. But surprise! The meows are coming from under one of the chickens. When he lifted her, he discovered three adorable kittens snuggled up underneath.

Goran was so amazed that he decided to capture the moment on video and share it online. He never expected it to become so popular. “I recorded it so I wouldn’t forget this incredible moment, and to my astonishment, there were three lovely kittens there,” Goran said. The chicken, whose name is Lee, stepped in to look after the kittens when their real mom tragically drowned in a nearby lake.

“It’s pretty mind-blowing how our chicken seemed to understand the situation and chose to take care of these kittens,” Goran said. The video went viral after he posted it on TikTok. Living near animals has taught him that they can be incredibly kind and caring to each other, even when they’re not the same species.

Goran reiterated, “It’s just amazing how our chicken seemed to grasp the situation and decided to take care of those kittens.” The video took off after he shared it on TikTok. Living so close to animals has shown him the beauty of these unusual bonds. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Image Credit & More Info; Goran A Surchi/Instagram | Tiktok

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