Woman Built A “Cat Ladder” For Strays So They Could Come In When It’s Cold Outside

Animals & Nature Nov 14, 2023

Despite the picturesque beauty of winter, with its pristine white snow covering our surroundings, the accompanying cold can be quite challenging to endure. These chilly weather conditions have a profound impact not only on humans but also on animals. In Turkey, where the winter season brings about a considerable drop in temperature, a compassionate woman keenly observed the effects of the cold weather on stray cats and devised an ideal solution.

Sebnem Ilhan, a dentist residing in the town of Tekirdag, took the initiative to construct a cat ladder that provides access for stray cats into her home. She expressed her motivation, stating, “I made the ladder so the cats can come into my comfortable house.” Sebnem’s benevolence extended further as she transformed her residence into a sanctuary for stray cats in need of refuge from the cold.

Despite Sebnem’s well-meaning intentions, she harbored uncertainty about her neighbors’ reactions to her innovative project. To mitigate potential concerns, she strategically adorned the cat ladder with flower pots, envisioning them as decorative elements. Sebnem conveyed her thoughtful approach, stating, “I thought if I put some flower pots there, it wouldn’t bother anyone.”

We are pleased to report that Sebnem’s modest initiative has proven to be a success, garnering positive feedback. To date, numerous cats have gratefully accepted Sebnem’s generous offer, seeking refuge in her home as a warm and comfortable place to rest.

Sebnem’s compassion for animals extends beyond the construction of the cat ladder. She is a devoted animal lover actively involved in aiding creatures in dire need. In addition to her innovative project, Sebnem volunteers at a local rescue, dedicating her time to the well-being of stray dogs and cats in their care.

“I wish for no animal to experience hunger or thirst, only happiness. This world is not solely for people,” expressed the compassionate individual. Her story serves as a poignant reminder that animals hold significance, and caring for them is a deeply fulfilling endeavor. We earnestly hope that her acts of kindness inspire others to extend a helping hand to the vulnerable animals left to navigate the streets on their own.

Image Credit & More Info; sebnem.ilhan/Facebook | H/T; thedodo