The dog thinks she is the mother of these goat babies

Animals & Nature Nov 01, 2023

Motherly love is seriously amazing! Moms love their kids no matter what, and that’s pretty darn special. But here’s the twist: you don’t have to be a birth mom to feel that kind of love for kids. Let me tell you about Loryn, the super cute golden retriever. She totally acted like a mom to some rescued baby goats.

So, Loryn’s human runs a farm, and they brought in these little baby goats who needed some help. As soon as this golden retriever met those tiny goats, she was all in, like “I’m your mom now!” See, Loryn hangs out with farm animals a lot, so she’s used to them. It’s like she just knew those goats needed some love.

Image Credit & More Info; life_of_girlfriends/Instagram

Do you want to cuddle with us?

Being a protective momma means doing your job.

Andrea Holley, who owns Loryn, says, “She’s like a real protective mom and treats all our little ones as her own.” But her motherly love went through the roof when Andrea brought in these brand-new baby goats. They’re so cute that even Andrea had never seen anything like them before. Now, the goats and the golden pup are like BFFs – they do everything together.

Gotta keep an eye on my babies.

Cuddle time with momma.

These goats totally fell for Loryn the moment they laid eyes on her. Goats are known to be friendly and loving creatures, so it was like love at first sight. “They’re together all day, every day,” Andrea mentioned. The dog and the baby goats are all about snuggling, taking naps, and playing chase all over the farm.

Can’t contain my happiness because my baby is next to me.

Cause we are inseparable.

And when they play, Loryn’s like the safety patrol. She’s always looking out for her adopted kiddos. Andrea added, “Loryn is my go-to helper and keeps an eye on the little ones when we’re playing outside or inside.” It’s crystal clear that this dog thinks those baby goats are her own, and there’s no changing her mind.

Need to be right next to my kids at all times.

Listen to momma and stay still for the photograph.

Image Credit & More Info; life_of_girlfriends/Instagram