Meet Yana, The Chimera Cat Who Looks Like Her Parents Ran Out Of Ink

Animals & Nature Nov 01, 2023

A lot of folks might say that having two faces is a not-so-great thing, but not when it comes to Yana the cat! Check out this adorable chimera kitty with the most stunning and one-of-a-kind markings. It’s like her coloring book ran out of ink while she was getting colored!

Back in July 2016, there was an ad for Yana on a Belarusian website called Nasha Niva. She was in search of a new home, and guess what? She found one real quick! Elizabeth, a student into design and building from Orsha, Belarus, studying at the National Technical University in Minsk, became her buddy. And now, Yana has over 80,000 fans on Instagram – she’s a real web sensation! Can’t say we’re surprised though, that face of hers is just too likable!

What makes Yana from Minsk different from most famous Instagram pets is her genetic quirk. She’s a chimera cat, which means she has cells from different zygotes. That’s what gives her those unique colors and that pretty “two-faced” appearance.

We think she looks just like Batman’s two-faced character. It’s almost like having two cats in one!

She looks like a cartoon figure… Did you know that her name comes from the name of a Greek god called Janus who is thought to have two faces?

A cat going for a walk! We don’t see that very often, let alone a chimera cat!

Yana seems dreamy in the snow.

Quiet down, she’s taking a nap.

Who made you do this, Yana? Her paws look like little socks, even though the rest of her hair is one color.

Yana’s cat looks great in pictures! She is really a unique cat.

It’s even cuter that her eyes are bigger.

“Head, how long do I have to pose?”

Yana really knows how to use the camera! This is our best, we think.

Yana and her person, Nasha. They say that pets often look like their humans. Kind of see it!

Image Credit & More Info; yanatwofacecat/Instagram