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Animals & Nature Oct 08, 2023

A lovely puppy from a shelter confirms the existence of reincarnation. It was born with a one-of-a-kind feature: a gorgeous whirling moustache reminiscent of the legendary artist Dali. Whether the crumb is predisposed to surrealism is unknown, but the shelter staff christened him Salvador Dolly without hesitation. Take a look at this amusing little fellow. Dolly is one of a…

The Japanese Innovate a Gorgeous and Secure Method for Pet Transportation with their E-Bike

Animals & Nature Oct 04, 2023

In large, bustling towns, things keep getting busier, and that can make it difficult to present your pet an excellent walk. Imagine your dog’s favorite park being on the opposite side of town, and you have to address traffic all the time. But puppy enthusiasts are pretty creative, and they may go to super lengths to make sure their pets…

A photographer and his wife restored a devastated forest with two million trees, bringing back wildlife.

Animals & Nature Oct 04, 2023

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization reviews a stunning loss of 129 million hectares of forest, a place almost matching the size of South Africa, permanently vanished due to deforestation seeing that 1990. This alarming charge, akin to losing a landmass the size of Panama every yr, poses a dire risk. With approximately 15 percentage of greenhouse gasoline emissions…

Irma: The Brave Muscovy Duck Who Defied Hurricane Irma

Animals & Nature Oct 02, 2023

Irma’s Another Story First, let me start by sharing the heartening news that Irma and Harvey, our dynamic duck duo, are in excellent spirits, always found together, and engaged in their usual ducky pursuits. However, I must share some somber news that has weighed heavily on my heart. Ruddy Russo, affectionately known to some as “Flash Gordon,” has departed from…

Endangered Species Spotlight: The Majestic Bengal Tiger

Animals & Nature Sep 23, 2023

Hold your breath and step into the mesmerizing world of one of the planet’s most majestic creatures—the Bengal tiger. In this journey through the heart of the jungle, we’ll explore the breathtaking beauty of these big cats, the perils they face, and the tireless efforts to ensure their survival. Get ready to be enchanted by the story of the Bengal…

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